Wood floors by John Fredriksson and his artisans are works of art you can walk on. 

Each floor is designed specifically to match your design, making sure the design works with the other architectural features of each room, creating the truly individual design and timeless charm.​ Whether you choose traditional French oak or Australian sourced hardwood from heritage buildings or woolsheds, they all come with incredible history. The grain… the texture … the sensation of real wood underfoot.

Engineered for stability and to withstand changing environments within a home, Antique Floors specialty is to design and construct beautiful floors that are easy to live on and easy to maintain. 

These specially sourced timbers are then cut to size, hand sanded and restored with natural oils to create classic and contemporary timber flooring. They are individually selected based on their structure and dimensions to ensure they represent the best that nature has produced. ​ For generations, we have refined our craftsmanship and technical knowledge of wood, enabling us to achieve a truly unique finish.

If your design calls for the charm of a French chateau, perhaps a rustic Tuscan villa or the elegance of Hampdens, each floor is designed with you based on timeless design principles.  Whether you are renovating or building new, Antique Floors will bring authenticity and vivid colours to compliment your décor and bring your vision to life. 

only limited by imagination and it allows for you to express your own creativity with Stunning geometric mosaic of wood pieces. And unlike most works of art, this one will be created to be used, and grow in beauty the more it is walked on​.

From Creation to Installation

Here at Antique Floors we work with you to create your own unique design for your home or business flooring needs, whether you are building or renovating. We will be with you from start to finish, which includes your initial contact with us by phone, email or showroom visit right through to installation and the final stage of walking on your own beautiful floors.
We support you with expert advice and guidance from over 20 years of experience in the industry. We will make the process seamless so all you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest. We also look after interior designers, builders and tradespeople, so if you need supply only or advice and information for your clients we can help.




When it comes to elaborate flooring, parquet reigns supreme. Constructed from small pieces of hardwood fitted together in geometric patterns, parquet flooring adds a dramatic design element to any room. A classic, handcrafted, beautiful and functional piece of art.



With almost limitless array of colours, grains and finishes to choose from, this hardworking surface makes a style statement all on its own. We costume design to suit your design and with 4 platforms and in excess 50 + custom colours and all finished in natural oil to enhance the natural beauty of the oak.


Make a time to visit the showroom and take in the ambiance of over 40 different works of art you can walk on. Stay a while … enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine. Snuggle into a chesterfield or have a tinkle on the piano. Soak up the atmosphere of a billiard table inside a library. Perhaps the wine cellar will inspire you to create more than just the ordinary.

Whatever your building plans, a visit to John’s will be an experience you will long remember. Bring your plans with you and talk technical about expansion joints, stairs, and more. Let’s combine the energy and passion to create a new piece of history in your home. With Antique Floors wonderful oils, your floor will mature like a fine bottle of wine – they will get better with age.

Your first moments inside the front doors of the showroom will provide the hint of a subtle fragrance that appeals to one’s sense of ‘mother nature has been here.’

Leaving the showroom, will indelibly leave you with the impression that “This is how it should be.”



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