The showroom is an exposé of the life of John Fredriksson … his experience … his travels … his accomplishments … the work of his two hands.  Stepping in to the 300m2 will take you back to an era where style and class met geometry and craftsmen. The fragrance of the Dutch oil is not overpowering but lingers in the background … not a clinical clean smell but a semi sweet fragrance like a good bottle of Pinot Grigio. This is not a showroom of plank upon plank of various colours but rather, an area by area representation of different floors that reflect different periods and tastes. They all have various pieces of art on the wall and furniture on the floor. Sitting on the chesterfield with a view of a vineyard through the old timber French doors will bring a nostalgic drop of moisture to the corner of your eye as you look under your feet at the French Marie Antoinette oak floor. Perhaps you would rather tickle the ivory on the grand piano that sits upon the Marble and Oak DeMaurier or a game of billiards with panels of Marie Antoinette looking up at you crafted from recycled Tallowwood 

It’s real and looks like it might fit perfectly in your home, café, restaurant, fashion boutique, billiard room or wine cellar. The lustre and hues in the wood combine beautifully with the surroundings – if they don’t exactly work for your theme, they will most certainly stimulate the senses to showcase ‘what is possible.’ From here you can fine tune your desired effect with the hues to match your furniture … your art … your style.  The showroom provides the inspiration … the team provides the perspiration … you provide the destination for Antique Floors to craft another work of art you can walk on.  

Antique Floors – not old … authentic. 

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