To keep your new floor in excellent condition, please find timber floors maintenance tips below:

Antique Floors uses European HardWax floor oil that soak into the wood and harden to form a protective, penetrating seal. The maintenance of the floor finish is detailed below:

DAY to DAY – Electrostatic Mop – More effective than a vacuum and easy to use.

Clean the floor at start and/or end of the day to pick up dust and grime

WEEKLY – Linseed Soap – Cleans gently as it is low astringent, refreshes a little, as containts a small amount of oil.

Mix 1 part of Soap to 20 parts of Water
Wring the mop well before using
Mop as usual with a well wrung mop.

PERIODIC – Maintenance oil – to refresh the entire floor or to spot refresh a heavy traffic area (when required).

Shake well.
Use a very small amount.
Wipe on and then off completely (leave none on the surface of the floor)

Do not use bleach, ammonia or caustic based cleaners to clean your floor. Many household cleaners are caustic and will weaken the coating and cause colour distortion and staining.To avoid scratching the floors, use felt feet or protective pads on all furniture.
Natural timber needs to “breathe”. It is important to remember that rugs or hall runners can discolour the floor, even if they are “breathable”. Should timber discoloration occur, it is best to remove the rug immediately. This will allow the timber to “breathe” and slowly return to its original colour

Fats like cooking oil and greasy foods can be very penetrative and mark the floor permanently. Such spillage should be removed and cleaned immediately to preserve the look of your floor.

Maintenance Oil and Linseed Soap can be purchased from Antique Floors. Should the unexpected happen and your floors be damaged, we can also spot repair, or sand and re-oil your floors.
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