LED oiling technology

Revolutionary LED-HardWax Oil contains an unique mix of oils, waxes, resins and additives.
Because of this, the oil cures and hardens in a split second when it comes in contact with LED-light. When finished, the wood surface is instantly resilient and protected against dirt and moist.
LED-HardWax Oil will make the colours of your floor significantly richer and deeper. Suitable for high traffic areas and also for project-based use, because of its high wear-resistance.

The major plus of HardWax Oil is that the floor can be maintained well and that damage to the finishing layer can also be touched up locally. So, you do not need to cover the entire floor to remove minor damage. Due to these possibilities, the floor retains its natural appearance.

Vesting’s oils and (hard) wax oils protect, impregnate, and give many types of wood surfaces a beautiful, distinctive finish. They beautify and provide an excellent moisture and dirt repellent layer.

Using the revolutionary LED-HardWax Oil leads to a superb result. The impact on the environment is minimal and you save an incredible amount in expenditure. With LED technology you use 60% less energy than with traditional UV lamps. Expensive extraction systems are unnecessary because these lamps do not release any harmful ozone. In addition, LED light bulbs have an incredibly long service life, and they generate virtually no heat, which both have a range of associated production advantages. LED-HardWax Oil offers great advantages in terms of production, the environment as well as financially.

ENERGY saver – LED uses 60% less energy, than traditional UV lamps.

ENVIRONMENT – no solvents, no ozone emission, and no smell

REPAIRABLE – Damage to the finishing layer can be easily touched up locally.

WALK/USE Immediately – Oil dries instantly once activated by LED technology.

PROTECTION – Suited for high traffic areas because of its high wear resistance.

LED HardWax Oil

HardWax oil or other coatings

Hardwax oil finishes offer several advantages over other types of finishes when it comes to floorboards. Here are some benefits of hardwax oil compared to other finishes:

1. Natural Look and Feel: Hardwax oil enhances the natural beauty of the wood, providing a rich, warm appearance. It deeply penetrates the wood fibers, highlighting the grain and texture while maintaining a matte or satin finish. Other finishes, such as polyurethane or varnish, often create a glossy or plastic-like coating that can obscure the natural look of the wood.

2. Easy Repair and Maintenance: Hardwax oil finishes are typically easier to repair than other finishes. Minor scratches or blemishes can be spot-treated by reapplying the oil to the affected area and blending it with the existing finish. This localized repair is often simpler and less time-consuming compared to refinishing an entire floorboard. Additionally, routine maintenance is straightforward, involving regular cleaning with mild soap and water and occasional reapplication of the oil to keep the floor looking fresh.

3. Breathability: Hardwax oil finishes allow the wood to breathe. The oil penetrates into the wood fibers, creating a microscopically thin and breathable layer. This breathability enables the natural expansion and contraction of the wood with changes in humidity, reducing the risk of warping, cupping, or cracking. In contrast, other finishes like polyurethane form a more impermeable barrier, potentially trapping moisture within the wood and increasing the likelihood of damage.

4. Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly: Many hardwax oils are made from natural ingredients such as linseed oil, tung oil, or carnauba wax. These materials are renewable and more environmentally friendly compared to certain synthetic finishes. Hardwax oils are often low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or even VOC-free, minimizing the release of harmful fumes during application and creating a healthier indoor environment.

5. Easy Application: Hardwax oil finishes are typically user-friendly and straightforward to apply. They can be brushed or rolled onto the floorboards, and excess oil can be wiped away, simplifying the process. The oil gradually cures over time, building up a durable finish. Other finishes, such as polyurethane, may require multiple coats, sanding between layers, or more specialized application techniques.

It’s important to consider that different finishes have their own unique characteristics and benefits, and the choice depends on personal preferences, the desired look, and the specific requirements of the flooring project. Consulting with flooring professionals or manufacturers can provide additional guidance on selecting the most suitable finish for your floorboards.

The LED oil can be used on all of our products and we can also re-oil your existing timber floors on-site, allowing you to walk on your floors immediately after we have finished.

LED HarWax Oil