Timber Flooring Longueville

There’s something truly special about custom-designed timber flooring. It has the ability to transcend its usual role and become a work of art that you can walk on. It’s enduring, it’s charming, and it’s made specifically for your space.

If you’re searching for timber flooring in Longueville that achieves these qualities for you, talk to the artisans at Antique Floors. Our experienced team can achieve your vision for bespoke timber floors through custom design, creation, and installation.

Antique Floors sources FSC certified Australian hardwood and French oak timber to create your work of art. Each piece is hand-selected and hand-crafted, ensuring that your floor is visually pleasing, durable, and low maintenance.

Each of our floors is oiled locally in Sydney using LED cured and 100% VOC-free natural oil. Our oiling process highlights the natural beauty and characteristics in each piece while also allowing for instant walkability.

Whatever your vision, Antique Floors can bring it to life with the widest range of custom textures, patterns, and colours. To create truly special timber flooring in Longueville, call our team on (02) 9810 8838.










Specialising in Elaborate Parquetry Flooring in Longueville

First made popular in the Palace of Versailles more than 300 years ago, parquetry remains one of the most sought-after designs for flooring. It is renowned for its intricacy and its elaborate geometric patterns.

Antique Floors creates genuine parquetry designs utilising reclaimed hardwood and European oak. Choose from traditional patterns such as Versailles, Herringbone, and Chevron, or create a bespoke pattern alongside our artisans.

For more information about timber flooring and parquetry in Longueville, come and visit our nearby showroom. Soaked in the ambience and elegance of our bespoke flooring solutions, you can explore more than 40 different works of art that you can walk on.

Visit us at 67 John Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040.