Oak Floorboards

There are many different types of timber floorboards to choose from, and finding the right option for you involves a range of considerations.

Floorboards come in a variety of different grain patterns, wood species, plank sizes, and surface finishes. All of these factors will be important to ensure your timber floorboards fit in perfectly with your space.

At Antique Floors, we are your floorboard experts. Our team produces the finest quality handcrafted timber flooring in both recycled Australian hardwood and certified French oak. Our French oak floorboards are hand-selected to meet the highest standards.

Our French Country Planks come in four different textures: Classic, Brushed, Rustic, and Sawn. You can also choose from more than 50 standard colours to customise the look and feel of your space.



A clean and classic range of oak boards by Antique Floors for both contemporary and period spaces.



Timeless and beautiful oak boards. The naturally occurring knots and cracks in the wood have been hand-scraped to give it that reclaimed antique finish.



A striking range of oak boards. Wire brushed planks custom finished in natural oil to create a unique and remarkable surface.



A stunning range of oak boards by Antique Floors. Uneven saw cuts give it the straight out of the mill handcrafted look. Natural oil finishes enhance the brushing and visible saw marks within every board.

From Engineered Hardwood to French Oak Floorboards: Choosing Your Style

Choosing the right flooring for your environment will ultimately depend on your personal preference and how you want to lay your floor. If you have underfloor heating, the nature of your subfloor may also determine the type and thickness of your flooring. In most cases, engineered hardwood flooring is an ideal option for properties with underfloor heating.

Antique Floors is dedicated to delivering flooring of the highest quality for each of our valued customers. Whether it’s wide boards, engineered hardwood, or oak floorboards, you can be sure that our varieties have passed rigorous tests during the selection process.

We select floorboards based on our commitment to the environment, a dedication to our customers’ needs, and our desire to uphold the highest standards of timber floor construction. To talk to our industry-leading artisan about his commitment to quality, contact us today.

With so many years of experience in the flooring industry, we take pride in offering an extensive range of oak floorboards and Australian hardwoods. We also offer all the services you need to ensure you’re getting the best possible finished product, from timber floor maintenance to floor sanding.

Contact our team or visit our showroom to discuss your vision for your floors.