Timber Flooring New South Wales

If you’re seeking a flooring solution that combines transformation, personalization, and practicality, Antique Floors is the ideal company to consult. Our team of skilled artisans can create bespoke timber flooring that serves as a unique work of art while meeting your practical requirements.

Antique Floors takes pride in our meticulous process of hand-selecting and handcrafting floors using the finest French oak and Australian hardwood materials. We also offer a range of reclaimed Australian hardwood styles, providing a distinct character to their offerings. The result is visually stunning flooring that demands minimal maintenance and boasts exceptional durability.

With specialization in parquetry and Black Raven French Oak planks, Antique Floors provides a choice of four different textures for their floorboards. Whether you prefer a classic, sawn, rustic, or wire-brushed look, they offer a wide range of standard and custom colors to suit your preferences. To further enhance the natural beauty of the floor and infuse warmth and vibrancy into your space, Antique Floors employs 100% VOC-free and LED-cured oil as a finishing touch.

If you’re interested in timber flooring in New South Wales, you can contact Antique Floors to discuss your project with our team of experts. Reach out to us today and embark on the journey of creating a personalized work of art that you can proudly walk on.










Specialising in Elaborate Parquetry Flooring in New South Wales

More than 300 years after it was conceived, parquetry remains the gold standard for elaborate flooring with daring geometric designs.

Originally featured in the Palace of Versailles under the reign of King Louis 14th, you can now create traditional parquetry patterns with Antique Floors. Patterns such as the Marie Antoinette, Herringbone, and Chevron are available when you choose our artisans for parquetry in New South Wales. Custom styles are also available upon request.

If you are considering bespoke timber flooring and elaborate parquetry designs, the Antique Floors showroom is the place for you. An experience of its own, our showroom is the place to go to be immersed in ambience and become inspired ahead of your next flooring project.

You can find us at 67 John Street in Leichhardt six days a week, with Sunday viewings available by private appointment.


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